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Introduction: Daenerys Targaryen Game of Thrones Season 4 Costume

I love the strappy gown Dany wears as she mulls over a map, just having made it into Mereen. I ordered some white plisse pleated fabric from International Pleating on Etsy and dyed it a foggy blue/gray using RIT Pearl Gray powdered dye that was heavily diluted. I used the same dye on the "dragons scale" fabric I used to make the bra part. This was created by tacking the scaley stuff onto an existing bra, and attaching it to the strappy part when it was on my body. The straps were made from a navy blue cloudy fabric to mock the texture. I cut 1.5 inch strips using chalk and the table edge to make a very straight line. The edges were folded in half an inch and fusible interfacing was ironed on to the body-side. Not pitctured, I bought gold netted trim and blue/purple sating microbraided trim to stitch all along the shoulders and the front of the straps to emulate the dragon scale texture. I also dusted some diluted gold metallic fabric along the straps. I will eventually replace the skirt with a fuller suburst form. I made this costume super last minute and didn't order enough pleating. Looks ok I think :)

*The wig is "Yvonne" by Sepia in Platinum (613). I straighted the curls a bit, then made loose thick braids and pressed the flat iron over them to make the wig more wavy.



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