Step 1: Pepakura Viewer

Picture of Pepakura Viewer
I downloaded the files for Thomas' helmet first. After seeing that his looked way easier than Thomas' I went with the intent of re-creating his helmet.

I have made Thomas' helmet, but if you are looking for a challenge, use some of the tips from this instructable to make Thomas' helmet.

First, you will want to download Pepakura Viewer, which is a program that lets you view paper craft items that other users have made.

Once you have downloaded Pepakura Viewer, download Thomas' helmet, here. I didn't build the full helmet, as I knew ahead of time that my head was too big for the paper version. So I improvised, and used a hard-hat as my base, and attached the front of the paper helmet to it with masking tape. I'm sorry that I don't have any build pictures of the paper helmet face part. When cutting out the shapes, each edge has a number, which you tape/glue/attach to the corresponding number.
locoxellas5 years ago
i have downloaded the viewer and i dont know how to assambled the papers parts....any help?¿
stimky6666 years ago
Hey, I downloaded both the Viewer and the helmet, and when I try to open the helmet it says the helmet is from a newer version of the viewer.. but I have the same one it shows in that picture..
bumpus (author)  stimky6666 years ago
Hmm.. What is the extension on the helmet file?
hey your download didnt work with the helmet, but i found this version which works with them all
here you go
good Ible btw
Gtjze6 years ago
hey can u give us a tutorial on the Guy Man helmet? Or give us a link? If u can reply, thank you
Bazzatron6 years ago
Why - o - why is there not more of these kicking around the net? Its not as though theyre unpopular? I thought after electroma was released the dummy helmets wud b merchandised??? Great instructable - gna see what i can do with an old motorcycle helmet (i hear thats what they really are made from)