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apply an even coat of the chrome plasticoat spray evenly every 20 mins until desired effect...

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using metal shim cut out hand plate shapes and hot glue into position ...

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admire helmet :)
for a more detailed look on the build check out

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daftman (author)2014-04-23

packlyponns17 (author)daftman2015-05-18

hello this is packly can i buy this helmet for 100 dolloars

daftman (author)packlyponns172015-05-18

this helmet has been sold although i can make one for 100 pounds.

DerrezedD (author)2015-04-01

hey im daft punk17 can i buy this helmet fromyou?

daftman (author)DerrezedD2015-04-01

Well this one I made sold on eBay for £120.00 and it took some time to make as you can imagine from looking at my instructable , how urgent do you need one ?

buzzlight17 (author)daftman2015-04-02

hey im derezzed due under a differn acount ,how would you say 30$

daftman (author)buzzlight172015-04-02


DerrezedD (author)daftman2015-04-02

dude that is made out of a base ball helmet :1

daftman (author)DerrezedD2015-04-02

make your own then ! Ive taken the time to show you how hence the instructable so dont be rude . It takes a lot of time to shape it if you want one made it will cost you 100 quid at the cheapest . hope that helps or at least the instructable .

DerrezedD (author)daftman2015-04-02

why not ?

DerrezedD (author)2015-04-02


DerrezedD (author)2015-04-02

hey are you on?

daftman (author)2014-05-14

lol i shall let u know i made it for an up and coming stag doo lol

DerrezedD (author)daftman2015-04-01

hey this is daft punk 17 can i buy this helmet from you?

DerrezedD (author)2015-04-01

if you do ,how much would you charge

craftclarity (author)2014-05-14

Looks good! Do people ask you for autographs?

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