Picture of Daft Punk LED Sign (discovery Album)
Hiya! This is my 2nd instructable so enjoy. If you have any questions comment below. Also i thank microtivity.com for making this as easy as possible! If your as excited for random access memories as me than this is a must make!
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Step 1: Get Your Parts

Picture of Get Your Parts
13, 4:34 PM.jpg
13, 4:34 PM.jpg
These signs are relatively easy to make and have a very fulfilling out come, also, its not very expensive! So parts list: Sheet of acrylic( i cut mine down to about the size of a regular printed picture) Peice O' wood All electronics were from microtivity of which i highly recommend LEDs which are 5 mm in size and came in an assortment package with resistors included One battery holder with 3 AA cell holder definitely get this from microtivity because the switch is directly on the cell holder which reduces prices Tools required are apparent throughout instructable and most people should have whats required.

Step 2: Cut The Acrylic

Picture of Cut The Acrylic
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All you have to do is cut your sheet of acrylic to the desired size , i prefer a smaller size for better light diffusion. Next print your daft punk discovery logo and tape it to the back of your sheet. Now simply follow the logo with your dremel (or similar product) with diamond engraving tip your logo should now be transferred over... A quick "tip" tip (punny) is if build up occurs just take a knife to it at a sliding angle while the dremel is on and get the excess off.

Step 3: Cut The Wood

Picture of Cut The Wood
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This is pretty simple just get a saw and cut your 2x4 or baseboard or whatever you have to desired size than cut two small peices off that will end up being the legs. Lastly take your main cut and use a cutting to cut a 1/4 inch deep groove into it this is where the acrylic will be placed. Lastly-er drill holes for the LEDs will be put. Make sure your holes line up with your groove.