Picture of Daft Punk Thomas Bangalter Helmet!
Having the Guy Manuel helmet on hand, and looking at Volpin's amazing work, I began working on a Thomas Bangalter Helmet, why not have them both? ^-^

If you've seen my previous instructables, you will understand the process much easier, however, I encourage you to have a read at this instructable!

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Step 1: Materials

As stated in the intro, if you've followed my previous build, then you will recognize most of the materials listed.

Here's a compiled list:

Cardstock paper
Hot glue
Bondo body filler
Bondo spot putty
Variety of sanding sponges/paper
Contour gauge
Expandable foam
PETG plastic sheet
VHT nightshades
Krylon primer paint
Duplicolor black paint
Red EL wire (15ft)
Rebound-25 silicone rubber
Smooth-cast 65D Urethane Resin

Tools used:
Orbital sander
Contour gauge

Skills required:

Step 2: Designing the model and bringing it to life

Picture of Designing the model and bringing it to life
First, the helmet started by being designed on a 3D model software (Autodesk Maya 2012)

There can't be much said about the actual 3D model since it will require a new instructable on how to use/design objects using 3D modeler software.

This file was later transfered onto a program called "Pepakura Designer 3".
It basically allowed the object to be turned from a 3D computer object be transformed/laid out on paper and later when printed and put together will bring the 3D computer model onto a 3D real life model.

The first picture is a screen cap of the object in the pepakura software ready to be printed.
The second picture is of the file put together.
This was easy, as the pepakura software prints number on the edges, symbolizing where the edges need to be glued together.

How much silicone rubber did you need?
Never mind, I saw it in your Guy Manuel helmet instructable.
When casting, how do you do it? How did you get the inside to be correctly shaped and smooth so you could put it on?
Can I be sent the pepakura file? Please and my email is and awesome build btw :D
RyGuy6121 year ago
Hi there! I'm having trouble getting a clean coat of that Night Shades stuff on my plastic. It gets built up and I can't see through it at all. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, I'm trying to replicate your build with the EL wire but I'm using blue which looks very Tron like.
jpineda61 year ago
PLease give use the download link
Forgive me if I missed it, but roughly what is the total cost to make this?
mobymtz2 years ago
Can you share a link to download the Pepakura file or preferably a PDF file of those plans for printing?
o__o2 years ago
That's sick man!
sling2 years ago
I have my Helmet I am making for my halloween costume. Its a modified baseball helmet. Do I use fiberglass first? at all? Or can I just use bondo? Also I used cardboard to make the front mouth piece and such, will the bondo mess with the cardboard?
tech dawg2 years ago
this has been posted to the daft punk guide check it out!
Could you please send me the dimensions of the face mask part of the helmet

Kind regards


P.s. email is
9999AWC2 years ago
Can you make one for me plz? I don't have enough time for me to do it myself. I'll pay the amount you want (plus an extra if you add LEDs)! I'm 13 and I have too much to do (in school and summer brake)!
monsterlego3 years ago
FennecCooper (author)  monsterlego3 years ago
I can't tell you how much I love this img response! Haha!
Talbot13 years ago
Amazing! Good work!
FennecCooper (author)  Talbot13 years ago
Thanks! You should give it a shot!
Nice tho not as good as your guy manuel one. :D
Thanks! I definitively think this cast didn't turn out so great, I was kind of upset with it.
However, I will be sending one of my casts to a chrome shop in the near future in order to recreated the Human After All era helmet! : D
aruiz133 years ago
ilpug3 years ago
I would love to see it lit up!
FennecCooper (author)  ilpug3 years ago
I can't give you a picture of it lit up right now due to an incident that the EL wire inverter had.
On the way back from Megacon, I dropped my "delicate" props bag and this item was in it, as well as a piece from my portal gun.
I will have to re-order a new inverter and then it will be able to light up again ^-^
I'll try to do this as soon as I can! : )
Hey, no problem, breakages happen to the best of us. Great build! I have always wanted one of these, although I don't think i could cast mine. Maybe rondo over paper.