Daft Punk helmets and complete costumes withOUT using a vacu-form

Picture of Daft Punk helmets and complete costumes withOUT using a vacu-form
Made in 4 months, for about $50 per entire costume, Including the helmet.
First of all, these are not exact replicas, they do not have programmed LEDS, and no Vacu-formed visors. I was trying to do this for as cheaply as possible, and I do not know anything about programming LED's. I hope to improve upon these in the future, but for now, this is what I've got, and I love them! Okay, let's get started, this isn't exactly a step by step, but I will show you and explain to you what I can.

Supplies used for the helmets:
Two softball helmets
Craft foam
Paper and cardstock
Duct tape
The motherboard from a calculator
LED light up rings (These
Flashing battery powered mini Christmas lights
Transparency plastic and recycled plastic from a box a barbie came in
Window tint
Metallic silver and metallic gold spray paint
Spray on sealer
Cosmetic wedges
Electrical tape
hot glue
hacksaw or dremel
Exacto knife
A sanding tool or sandpaper
Soda cans

For Thomas's Costume:
Black Boots
A wallet chain
A button down dress shirt
Black fabric, sewn into a hood for covering your neck and head
Black leather or pleather jacket

For Guy's Costume:
White button down shirt
Black suspenders
Black dress pants
Black boots
Black fabric, also sewn into a hood
Black leather or pleather jacket
Wig cap (Not always needed, but since I was Guy, and have long hair, I needed it to keep it all in one place.)

For the gloves:
Black gloves, leather if you can find them, we couldn't.
Gold and Silver reflective tape

Now that our supplies are out of the way, on to the process. We winged it most of the way, and made it work!

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amandaggogo (author) 1 year ago
Fil Wiatrak, my boyfriend just looked at photos of the jaw on Thomas's helmet, and drew it out on graph paper first, then cut it from card stock and just kind of made adjustments as he taped it to the helmet, winged it basically. We looked at the pepakura viewer too and it didn't help out either.
How'd you make the jaw for Thomas' helmet? I tried the Pepakura, but that just prints out a connect-the-dots version that isn't helpful at all.
tsimecek1 year ago
So awesome, my roommate and I have been trying to figure out what to give out candy in this Halloween and daft punk is perfect!
amandaggogo (author)  tsimecek1 year ago
Awesome! This took us a good while to pull together, but we mainly only had weekends and some weeknights to work on this, and winged it most of the way, so ya'll might be able to pull off making these pretty quickly with the step by step! Post up photos if you guys make em! I'd love to see them! :0D
Were you up all night to get this lucky? :p
amandaggogo (author)  curiouseddie1 year ago
haha, just about! Up late working on these most nights that is.
Darxide231 year ago
I've seen several how-to videos on making these helmets that take months and several hundred dollars to make. Your method might not be perfect, but as cheap and quick as it is to make them it's well worth it for people without time and money to make "exact" replicas.

Very nice!
amandaggogo (author)  Darxide231 year ago
Thank you!
And yeah, I would kill for an "Exact Replica" but I do not have the time or money to pull that off, nor $4,000 to just buy one, and since these are strictly for halloween and maybe a con here or there, I think they are okay, and since we can always improve work on them over time, I think we did a pretty sweet job.