Daily Dump Bio-compost





Introduction: Daily Dump Bio-compost

It is daily habit to manage organic waste has

been generated in kitchen. Model deigned has been low cost and easy steps to install. it is easy to made by housewife and manage kitchen wastes easily every day. It is base on Grow don’t throw.

Daily Dump has designed a product with which anyone can convert kitchen waste into compost at home.

Step 1: Materials

1. Pot

2. Jar with lid

3. Plastic stand

4. Nut and Bolt

5. Garden Potting Mix and Soil

6. Plants (Vegetables and fruit plants, flowering plants)

Step 2: Assemble

1. make a hole at bottom of pot to remove excess water from jar

2. make holes in jar surface to exchange gases and air

3 make holes in plastics stand

4. jar and plastic stand assembled with nut and bolt

5 assembled jar put into pot to ready daily dump pot

Step 3: Planting Plant in Pot

1. garden mix potting and soil mix properly and put in to pot

2. planting plants in soil mix

Step 4:

1. dump kitchen wastes into jar

2. mix it well and place lid on the jar

3. everyday dump kitchen wastes and mix than lid it

4. watering plants as need for growth

5. after 10-20 days dump decompose

6. this organic manure use in garden



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Superb go green

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Easiest way to reduce waste..... A great idea which everyone can do

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Go green grow green

Nice ideA, every one can do at home

Go green grow green