Introduction: Daily Speed Sketch…Subscriber's Avatar

So…I had an idea that might make me get some more subs. I decided to start sketching people's avatars! I will probably do this every sunday or monday and the person will be picked at random. Watch the vid to see who got lucky this week.


dombeef (author)2014-07-06

Oh my, i was never made aware of this! Thanks for the little drawing, it looks really nice :D

moskiii13 (author)2013-07-22

For your question bio thingy the first one is MITSAKE instead of MISTAKE

happyjo (author)2012-05-03


bajablue (author)2012-02-20

I'm randomly waiting... and withholding my 5-star rating as an incentive! >;-D

patriots8888 (author)bajablue2012-02-20


bajablue (author)patriots88882012-02-20

Brat!!!! ;-D

patriots8888 (author)bajablue2012-02-20

>:)))))) (Evil grin)

bajablue (author)patriots88882012-02-21

Tapping fingers... you did say "Daily", didn't you?. ;-)

patriots8888 (author)bajablue2012-02-21

Sorry today was really busy, I had basketball after school and had to do my home work

patriots8888 (author)bajablue2012-02-20

Well. now you have a 1in 27th chance...Better odds huh :)

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