I've been seeing this trend everywhere. They can be sized to your own fingers. I've been wanting to try this project for a while, I hope the steps will be clear.

Step 1: Supplies:

Supplies: -
  • 20mm gauge wire
  • 16mm jump rings
  • Charms/pearls
  • Pliers
  • Small jump rings to attach charms
  • Any cylindrical item to wrap the wire around. You can use a marker, lipstick, pencil, etc.

Step 2: Copper Wire Rings..

Wrap the wire around the marker, to make it into a ring shape. You will be getting wire coil. Use the pliers to cut the wire. I made 4 ring shapes with a 6” wire coil. As I don’t have a round nose pliers I had to find a way to prevent the wire ends poking my skin. I applied a drop of glue to the wire end and passed through a pearl. You have to do this for every ring because the end of the wire is very pokey!

First ring I made, I added half pearls to the end.

Second ring, I passed through 6 small pearls and secured the ends with the same trick I did on the first ring.

Third ring I made was the same exact first ring with small pearls at the ends.

Fourth copper wire ring was just accessorized with a charm attached with a small jump ring and ends secured with pearls.

Step 3: Make It Easier With Jump Rings..

If you are not familiar with wire jewelry making, you can use large jump rings to avoid the hassle of wire bending and cutting.

I used 3 large jump rings. I attached a charm to one ring using a small jump ring. These rings can be worn in different ways.

Step 4: Done..

You can make all sorts of shapes; personalize them to your taste!

I love my statement pieces, but I think these minimal rings add just enough shine and girly-ness. The only down side is that the rings tend fall off because the wire bends so easily.
<p>Wow so beautiful rings.</p>
Hello, <br>When I download pdf's after logging in the pdf's are blank and the file size is very small? <br>Can you assist please? <br> <br>Thanks
em i've got no idea whats wrong. please refresh the page and try downloading again. let me know if the problem persists.

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