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Just wanted to show you what you can do with my daisy beaded bead weaving pattern. I like to design jewelries that you can use in various ways. Create several pieces, link them together and create a bracelet and necklace. With just one daisy beaded bead, not only you can create a ring but you can also create an earring or a pendant. Cool, isn't it? ♥ :D


Dydrmr018 (author)2012-10-23

Or even a pdf of the pattern?

diylesson (author)Dydrmr0182012-10-24

Hello Dydrmr018,

You can find a pdf pattern at these links:,name,326255,item_id,0,ad_type,ad_details

scoochmaroo (author)2012-05-11

Lovely! Would love to see the tutorial written out here too.

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