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Introduction: Daisy Duke Toolbox

About: high school teacher

A tool tote that Jessica S. would be proud of. (Who?)
Seriously, I found this to be about the handiest toolbox I have ever used.

Step 1: Simplicity Itself!

First, get a 5 gallon bucket (sorry if you're metric, we're 'Murkins!)
Then get some of your wife's jeans. I suggest that you use only the jeans that she has placed in the "donate box"... and NO the washing machine is NOT the "donate box". Anyway, if you used your jeans, what would you wear? (Note: It makes no difference who's jeans you use. You could even use dungarees, or Kakis, or slacks, or chinos, or shorts, koolats, peadlpushers, or overalls)
Cut off the legs, cut out the (Ahem!) "Nethers", and open the zipper and button.
Pull the jeans up over the edge of the bucket. If they are too tight, leave the zipper open. We'll deal with it later.
Pull the waistband of the jeans tightly around the rib of the bucket.

Step 2: Pop Rivits, the Handyman's Friend

Drill some holes and pop some rivits to keep the jeans tight to the bucket. Rivit on each side of the fly, if you left it open.

Now fill that sucker with tools. You could even put a plywood seat on the top for sitting, or use as a work surface.



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    I have a commercial version of this with pockets all around and it's the best toolbox I've found in my 60 yrs of DIY. Everything is there and it's all easy to find. Big tools or job specifics go into the pail.
    I recommend taking off the bail handle and fitting a length of steel cable because the kit tends to get heavy as it evolves.

    If you have some that would fit over the top rim (we won't tell your wife she has a 5-gallon booty), take two pair and cut the same way you described. Lay them opposite each other with the waistbands touching, and sew (or have your wife sew) the waistbands together around the edges. You'll need some needle and thread tough enough for denim. You should now have a denim tube, with one pair of jeans upside down to the other. Slide the bottom pair over the top of the bucket like you have pictured, stopping at the waistband. Then, fold the top pair down into the bucket. You now have pockets inside and out!

    New thinking for "Baby Got Back"! You could put an old belt on it and use clips etc. to even add more possibilities

    Dude, your toolbox is kind of slutty :)

    This must be how the Bucket Boss was invented. Speaking of which, I've got this great concept for a round thing, I think it might be useful in transportation....

    Looks nice & handy ! Only one small modification: use skirt (short one possibly) instead of trousers You won’t have to cut anything off :-) Best regards!

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    I think he wants some pockets :/ Skirts, especially of the short variety, really don't have 'em... At least I'm always holding something for my girlfriend when she's wearing a skirt :P I like this project :D I give it an A-

    Actually I thought about a jeans skirt with pockets like this one:


    ahhh... for some reason I never even thought of that :P