I wanted a mario bros cross stitched but I don't know how to do cross stitch so hopefully I have a friend who knows and in exchange I made for her a daisy lamp.

That is what I like doing stuff for other people in exchange of other stuff!

So basically, I've done an autonomous purple led lamp in shape of daisy.

Let's see what is inside!
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Step 1: Build the light

I created a simple lighting with blue and red leds to get a purple color but as you can see the blue is dominating. 
The effect is pretty cool and the the circuit is really simple.
see attached pictures

Step 2: Design the daisy flower :)

I like to draw and here it is my vision of a daisy flower!
I draw on wood and then I cut it.

To be fairly accurate in the cutting process I use a drill to highlight stoke.

then I painted it jwith basic paint and simple colour!

It looks like an innocent flower quite funny.

I let you follow the process. it is quite easy to do!

Step 4: Let's start your own autonomous light!

You just need to create your own design and add your light behind! The ultrafires are easy to use and last long :)

Enjoy and try ;)