Picture of Dala Horse Tree Decoration
A Swedish-style Dala Horse tree decoration made from felt!

You will need:
- Red felt
- White felt
- Red sewing thread and needle and/or red embroidery floss
- Sewing machine (optional)
- Stuffing
- Template
- Ribbon or similar, approximately 20 cm length
- Black embroidery floss or two small black seed (size 8 is ideal) beads
- Seed beads (size 11) in red, white, gold, silver etc (optional)
- Scissors and Glue suitable for fabric
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Step 1: Cut!

Picture of Cut!
Cut two (2) horse bodies from red felt.
Cut two (2) saddle pieces "S" from white felt.
Cut two (2) bridle pieces "B" from white felt.
Cut two (2) girth pieces "G" from white felt.
Cut two (2) chest pieces "C" from white felt.

You can either pin the template pieces to the felt and cut around them, or you can trace around the templates on to the felt before cutting.

Step 2: Glue and Embroider!

Picture of Glue and Embroider!
Glue the bridle, girth and chest pieces to the horse bodies, using the template as a guide for placement.
Embroider running stitch decoration using red thread.
Glue the saddle pieces on top, again using template as a guide.
Embroider running stitch and snowflake decorations.

Sew the black seed beads into place for eyes, or use black embroidery floss and make french knots for eyes.

If you are using seed beads for additional decoration, sew these on now. Take care with placement, so they don't interfere with sewing the bodies together later (Learn From My Fail).

Step 3: Don't forget a thingy for hanging...

Picture of Don't forget a thingy for hanging...
Use a piece of ribbon or similar to make a hanger. Stick it to one of the bodies as in the picture. When you sew the bodies together, the hanger will be securely attached.
So nice! I want to make a unicorn, after I will post the photo here. Thanks!
I just did it! I did't make the inside out stitches because I made it too small, and no unicorn... I wasn't sure about how to make the horn...But it turn out really cute!
Cezsaria (author)  marcellahella1 year ago
Oh so cute!! I love the way you stitched in his mane and tail :D Have you given him a name?
Not yet! I want to make 4 and do a mobile toy for a kid ...then he will name them for sure! Thanks a lot for the inspiration!
Cezsaria (author)  marcellahella1 year ago
Mobile! That is a great idea - I might just use it myself ;)
Nice! We have a swedish horse outside my house! I love these things :)
Cezsaria (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago
Thank you! I really like the simple-but-unmistakable shape of them :)