This Halloween I got the idea that I wanted to build a Dalek costume for myself. The end result took about 4 months to make, and about $200.

I'm not happy with the way the shoulders are shaped, but overall, I think it turned out quite nicely. It had a working voice/audio system, as well as working electronic components.

The ray-gun & plunger both had little controls on the inside as well. The door to get in and out of the Dalek was in the back, which you can kind of see in the first picture. It was held shut with a lock.
ncheva46501 year ago
Looks great! Kudos to you!
arempel3 years ago
awesome perfect size too!
this is great perfect size too
vtheawesome3 years ago
i trying to make one and was wondring how did you do the head (dome)
Eldjotnar (author)  vtheawesome3 years ago
I got one of the fabulous $3 big rubber balls from Walmart, covered half of it in paper mache. The little extrusion around the eyepiece was made from a milk jug, covered with paper mache. Then, I coated the entire thing with fiberglass. The next coat was spackle, sanded down to give it a smooth shiny surface. All that was left to do was paint it!

Hope that helps, and good luck!
thedoctor103 years ago
How did you make the base? I mean, what did you put around the wood, was it cardboard and then painted?
Eldjotnar (author)  thedoctor103 years ago
It was 1/8" plywood, cut on a table saw. Then, I sealed the edges with caulk, and painted it.
Seriously one of the greatest Dalek costumes I've seen!
tinker2343 years ago
could you make this a step by step instrcutable
Eldjotnar (author)  tinker2343 years ago
I can certainly try, but it won't be too heavy on the pictures, since I didn't take enough while building. The voice was just made in Audacity, downloaded to my iPod, and played through some cheap portable speakers.
oh thanks i guess IL use the toy helmet from doctor who
tinker2343 years ago
if icould also have hte schmatic for the voice