Dalek Costume for Halloween 2008





Introduction: Dalek Costume for Halloween 2008

This less of an explanation of how to and more of a bunch of photos of my costume which sort of shows you how it was made.

I didn't plan ahead and take photos as each step was completed. Sorry.



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    Nice costume. You could wear this all night at the party and still eat, drink, etc... Good job.

    here's my dalek costume. I completely failed to document the build process. but the ears blink when you talk!

    front viewside view
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    The weird thing is that it looks like Princess Leah has been assimilated by the Dalek's. Some kind of SciFi three-way!

    COS TUMES ARE I REL I VENT DA LECKS AER SU PREME EX TER MIN ATE (spaces are intentonal cause they talk like every syllable hurts to say

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    I don't think so! Gort knows of secret Dalek weakness - he will use his 'ray of vaporization' against the plungers of the Dalek's, creating a massive cloud of rubber vapor which will condense on the cold internals of the Daleks causing them to become permanently gummed up! Ha! Who needs plungers when you have a cool retractable visor??? Gort 4-ever!

    But there's so many Daleks and only one Gort. They could surround him, even with their limited Dalek mobility. Gort couldn't possible vapourize and immobilize 'em all, before getting negatived. Granted, Gort is a pretty tuff mofo, so he could probably withstand a few negativings.

    I was not going for a true dalek costume but more of an inspired by. It came out exactly how I planned and am very proud of it.

    This is just FAB!!!! I was looking for a fancy dress for a 1970s party and this will be the best! thanks you are SOOOOOOOO creative.