Dalek Costume for Halloween 2008





Introduction: Dalek Costume for Halloween 2008

This less of an explanation of how to and more of a bunch of photos of my costume which sort of shows you how it was made.

I didn't plan ahead and take photos as each step was completed. Sorry.



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Nice costume! You know, that first picture made me think of Carrie Fisher in Blues Brothers. Scary, huh?

OMG, i thought she looked a bit like Carrie Fisher too!

Princess Leia costume next year, perhaps? :)


Nice costume. You could wear this all night at the party and still eat, drink, etc... Good job.

here's my dalek costume. I completely failed to document the build process. but the ears blink when you talk!

front viewside view

further shameless promotion. now instructable-ized: here

The weird thing is that it looks like Princess Leah has been assimilated by the Dalek's. Some kind of SciFi three-way!

lol. very cool. well done.

COS TUMES ARE I REL I VENT DA LECKS AER SU PREME EX TER MIN ATE (spaces are intentonal cause they talk like every syllable hurts to say

Gort will kick the Dalek's *ss. Gort rules. Barada nikto!