Picture of Dance Pad with Color LED using Arduino
Photo 9.jpg
This is my first instructable. I  made a colorful dance pad using Arduino board as a serial input to the computer.

It's easy to make, and cost a few resistors and LEDs(you don't have to use them).

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Electronic parts:
1. 6 LED with different colors to show that the buttons are pressed down
2. 6 220 Ohm resistor to protect LEDs
3. a general purpose solder board
4. some wire and connectors

Dance pad parts:
1. Aluminum Foil ( Which are used to bake stuffs)
2. Big paper box( you can certainly make a Wooden frame)

Step 2: The circuit and test

Picture of The circuit and test
Photo 4.jpg
Photo 5.jpg
Photo 9.jpg
 The circuit is shown in the first graph. The dance pad simply implement the six buttons show in the circuit.

As we push down each button, the LED will light up, and make the corresponding pin from LOW to HIGH. This message will be send to computer as a serial message, and caught up by a python program which then simulate this message to a key press message.

I made the circuit on a general purpose soldering board using some small connectors, so that  I can easily plug it into the Arduino board which can be save for other projects. You may make a better looking board than I did, since it's rather easy, I used some wires to connect around.

Once you made the circuit, you can connect some of the wires together to see whether the LEDs light up correctly. And then you can go to the next step, setting up the software.
efghi5 years ago
Any way you can add lights to a modified dance pad that you use w the Wii?