Picture of Dance stage repairs to metal pads
Hello there's , this is my First InStructable so go easy on me here .

Well Here today i'm going to show you how to repair your damage DDR metal pad , Well somewhat of it . My pad recently stopped working or only abit , I re-checked my contact pads under the steps they were fine, So i thought the brain of the pad was damaged ,After looking underneath and pulling out the centre, It broke all the other wires around it -__- So i had 2 DDR PSX soft mats i never use anymore , So i thought *i'm gonna wire this into my metal pad as the new brains.

Enough or my boring story ,lets begin~

This'll be covering:
Ghost/Phantom steps
Non responsive steps or
Replacing the brains of the Pad with a DDR soft mat

The Tools you'l be needing .

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Step 1: Starting off with gutting your metal pad

Picture of Starting off with gutting your metal pad
Ok you don't have to fully follow this as there are afew different pads out there ,So follow this as a guideline.

Unscrew all bolts and corners holding down your Acrylic Steps.
Cut The wires and remove the contact pads.
Continue until all steps are off and left with the centre pad .
Check around the centre sides to see any screws holding the centre in place.

This part is abit hard , My Centre pad wouldn't budge ,So underneath were rubber feets with screws inside holding the board from below , Unscrewed 4 Bolts/feet and the top was able to pop off with alittle force .

Step 2: Now for cutting open the DDR soft mat

Picture of Now for cutting open the DDR soft mat
Got an Old DDR mat laying around? Grab that Stanley blade , were cutting that thing open~

Now i Urge you to cut around the edge for this as you don't wanna damage anything inside, After cutting around the edge you can then get to removing the box above the mat.
Under the box on the front containing your new controller board , there should be 4 small Philips screws , Unscrew thoses and pop the case open , now you see what is shown in the picture

scott!8 months ago

So does replacing the guts in the center really help the pad stop missing arrows? The up arrow on my metal pad is skipping about 1/4th of the times I hit it and I've tried replacing the arrows, but it still does it. You think it's just the sensors?

SodiRyfe (author)  scott!8 months ago

If there was no other option of it working i'd swap the guts .

But sounds like it could be poor connection between the sensor and the brains,
Are the wires connected or show any signs of wear?
Also there can be crud or dirt obstructing the pad from making full contact.

XxsonicxX2 years ago
Why is the pad in pic one messed up
SodiRyfe (author)  XxsonicxX2 years ago
Cus i cracked one of the acrylic panels , So i temporary swapped them for a less used panel