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I saw tanabata's video clip , and I wanted to make my own dancing android.

Few weeks after, chrisjrelliott's clip showed the internal structure of the robot.

I wanted to make my own dancing android.

Step 1: Gathering information, and parts

Picture of Gathering information, and parts
Those Pioneers might make their original board or used ADK (android developper kit ? ) board,
and wrote their own code, I think.

These are too difficult for me..

I googled many websites, read a book about ARDUINO, and talked with friends about how to make it.
Then, I decide to use these

Arduino : http://www.arduino.cc/
Pure Data : http://puredata.info/
pd-extended : http://puredata.info/community/projects/software/pd-extended
Pduino Objects : http://at.or.at/hans/pd/objects.html

And, I searched small servo motors, and found

micro servo motor : HXT900 (blue) http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=662
HKM-282A ( orange) http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=14839
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danallen822 years ago
Nevermind, I figured it out! I didn't see the other lines below. There were 3 sets of lines changed, just like you said. Thanks! I'll post a video of my finished Android.

Hello would you give me a hand to make the code pd?

HitMit (author)  danallen822 years ago
Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
gerrymazzotta9 months ago



it would be nice to have on file as well given that you used.

loveemma011 year ago
Very interesting and cool
danallen822 years ago
Anyone know how to setup an input audio track with sensitivity to certain levels?
danallen822 years ago
Great article, but it was challenging to understand for anduino noobs like me. I didn't understand the PD nodes because you didn't explain at all.
So I got pwm 9 & 10 to control the servos. But pwm 3 & 5 aren't responding. I made sure the firmata included those extra channels too. Ideas?
HitMit (author)  danallen822 years ago
It was also challenging for me.

Step 5
I edited the code at 3 parts.

Sorry I'm not EXPART of arduino nor PD.
Please refer to some books or other entries in this site.
You should edit this a little more. To me.. It is hard to follow.
HitMit (author)  Macworldwizardz4 years ago
Thank you for your comment.
I'll do when I have enough time.....
Your dancing bots are unreal! I'm somewhat of a noobie at all this; so lots more details would be great! Are you going to offer your programing so that a novice;like myself; could copy it? I'd really like to make some of these. Which "android" did you use and can I find them on ebay? Thanks
HitMit (author)  lostcreekstation3 years ago
Hi, Thank you for your comment.

I'm a noobie, too.
As I can't make my custom controller hardware,
I decided to use AUDUINO.
As I can't write any program language,
I decided to use Pd environment in which
I can draw the "program" as if it is LEGO block.

Please see these references about AUDUINO, and Pd,
find some guide book about these written in your mother tongue,
and ask to your friends who know about these.
( , as I did. )

You can buy "android mini collectible" figures at DEADZEBRA inc.
or some Toy shops listed in the right bottom area of

ok i'm FINALLY going to get started on these dancing Androids after waiting for parts and finding free time (my semester's ending NEXT WEEK!!!!!) it's finally going to happen. after looking through the tuts again i realized something that i always knew would be a issue but didn't think about:

software & programming.

i do know of AVRISP mkII that tanabata used in his project but he mentioned "third party programmers" as well. is he talking about pure data? if so that'll save me some money, i decided not to get Arduino or the other thing because i assumed there was freeware for me to work with. since you're new could you explain how simple, or complex, it is to program the bots to shimmy-shake, pump fists, shake their hands, turn their heads, blink their eyes and such? and will i need to pay for some software to work with the freeware like pure data? thanks for all your help and advice so far, can't wait to get started on this project. i'm almost finished with the Munny speakers i painted to look like Pikachu for my girlfriend's daughter.
HitMit (author)  boot-cheese-30003 years ago
Hi, I look forward to see your work!

In my case, my goal was to get my own dancing android without huge study of software cording. :-)Indeed, I read a guide book about arduino and pura data, download and install some on my pc, and wrote only 3 files shown in these photo above. These softwares are free.
All dancing actions are described in the waveforms written by mouse. :-)

To have some "action module" , I think,
you should follow tanabata ,
and marceloavilaoliveira

"action module"?
HitMit (author)  boot-cheese-30003 years ago
Sorry for my poor English.
I mean, software modules.
Hey Hitmit,
Thanks for your reply, much appreciated.Thanks also for sharing your resources. I'm a noobie at attemping to write code and programming. Like you , I don't know much about it at this point. I do have a professinal backround in engineering and some electronics knowledge. I'm retired now and at 63 y.o. still trying to be a student. If its ok with you, I'll be asking questions as I try to make my dancing bots.
HitMit (author)  lostcreekstation3 years ago
Hi !
I'm happy to have your reply !!
I'm gathering my parts for the dancing robots. I've ordered my servos and waiting on them. I'm looking forweard to getting started on this project.
HitMit (author)  lostcreekstation3 years ago
I look forward to see your dancing androids and your Instructables !
I finally got my servos, now waiting on my Arduino. I was looking at the code you showed on your instrutable. Is that the entire code? If it's not could you please send me a copy? I looked at PureData but didn"t get very far with it. A little help maybe?
You can email me at: lostcreekstation@cox.net
In chrisjrelliott's you tube video, he is shown holding an iPad, and controlling the android. Do you happen to know what app he is using? Do you have any contact info for him?
HitMit (author)  lostcreekstation3 years ago

I don't have any contact to him..

In his video, "ADK" must be
Android Open Accessory Development Kit
, and I think his tablet is one of android os, not iPad.

If you and I study about android os, ADK is the best way to make such
custom hardware and softwares, I think.


HitMit (author)  lostcreekstation3 years ago
At "Step 5 Software", you see 3 photo.
These are "ALL" program I wrote for this dancing androids.

When you have time see "My Droid" 2.0.0, now controlled by a Android phone using Bluetooth:


Have fun,
HitMit (author)  marceloavilaoliveira3 years ago
I shared your video to my google+ stream

You should write your own instructables !!! :D
fender4203 years ago
sorry i have a question what exactly did u do with the orange servos.. im kinda new at this
HitMit (author)  fender4203 years ago
In Green android, I used 4 x blue servos which is too large to be built in its body.

I search smaller servo. That is orange.
In Rapture (pink) android, I used 3 x orage and 1 x blue servos.
Please see those photos, more photos are hidden at the right direction of the slide bar.
One Orange servo is buidt in her head. Two for arms.
Blue is for twisting body.

Oh ok thanks, but how did u connnect the Orange servos on to the breadboard
HitMit (author)  fender4203 years ago
Please see "Step 4 Wireing".
The wire was short. I extended them by soldering another wires.
At the another end of wire, I solderd pin, and the pin goes to the breadboard.
Ohh ok can it be any kind of wire then?
HitMit (author)  fender4203 years ago
OK!, i think. :-)
Hi HitMit,

Congratulations for your project. It's really great!

When you have free time please take a look at "My Droid" project at:


Have fun,
HitMit (author)  marceloavilaoliveira3 years ago
Yours are super great project !
I want to know how you build your droid especialyy at the view point of software!!

Thank you !

Let me try to resume the build

Mechanical: Very similar of yours. The arms motors are placed inside the body, the body one inside the base and the head one inside the head (the cap is there to cover the motor edge).

Hardware: basically an Arduino board, 4 tiny servos, 2 RGB leds (I only connected the Red and the Blue pins), resistors, an IR sensor and a remote control.

Sofware: motors are controlled using the Servo.h library. All robot actions are remoted controled through the IR remote control using the IRremote.h library. Each remote key is assigned to a different movement (ex: look left, exercise arms, "say" goodbye, dance, move freely, "say" no etc).

The next steps now could be add some sensors to give some "intelligence" to the robot.

I hope this helps.

Have fun,
HitMit (author)  marceloavilaoliveira3 years ago
If I want to do as you, I have to study hard and hard on software... :-)

And, your icon!!
"Multi man" of "The IMPOSSIBLES" ( aka "Maito" of "Super Three" in Japan )
is my hero of my childhood !!
I also watched "The impossibles" when I was a child... here in Brazil the names are simple translations (english => brazilian): The Impossibles => Os Impossíveis and Multi-Man => Multi-Homem.
ok i got another question: i was gonna follow tanabata's tut on dancing Androids (i was gonna try your at another date) and hit a snafu--the mini microphone. the digikey site is out of them and i have NO IDEA when they'll be back in stock. did you use mini-microphones on yours (since i read the tut and didn't see anything about that) or tried a different technique? know where i can find some mini-microphones, i'm having a tough time myself over here.
HitMit (author)  boot-cheese-30003 years ago

Please try to visit digikey home page

and search "Electret Condenser microphone",
then you can fined variety of microphones in stock now.


I liked so much!! Its cute and nice and lovely :) Can i Put your video in my blog? I loved to do that, my blog is
And i want to learn to do the androide thanks for teach us, sorry about my english :)
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