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seriously, it takes advantage of a physical principle of electromagnetism.
The part about moving currents create magnetic fields and moving magnets creating electric field, remember now from you last physics class??
When you supply power to this device, in the form of an amplified audio signal, the magnet dances, bumps, flips, and all out goes NUTS! in this little tube.
It is crazy to watch this, and all of the patterns that form while running.

Step 1:

Picture of
Sorry about the picture being sideways, not sure how to fix that just yet.
really i tried to keep this simple, only using part i knew just about any average Joe could find around the house. Don't stick to my materials EXACTLY, expand use what ever you have!
-old pill bottle
-bits of wire
-hot glue (greatest stuff EVER!)
-coils or inductors from some TV's or speakers
-tiny pictures :P
-2 old CD's
-solder for the electrical connections.
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obviously Jordan loves me the most.
Obviously ACHOOOO sorry i sneezed!
LIES!!! all LIES!!!!
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This is awesome
this is sexy.
yea you should definitely post a video.
so....this like jumps to music? think u can post a video? (looks really cool too!):D