Dancing Holiday Irons


Introduction: Dancing Holiday Irons

In this video, I rigged up a couple of Oliso steam irons at work to move up and down to the jingle bells MIDI soundtrack. Oliso steam irons with Auto-lift system auto-matically lift and lower to the touch of your hand so this inspired me to make them dance in synchronized style to a holiday carol!



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    haha ur a fuy man were u high at wen u did this lmao

    Dancing Irons!  Dang cute and innovative.

    Its the fun of doing the unusual with the common that I found funniest of all.

    Great application of the mind and the sense of humor.  A few fun things like this a day make the rest of the day easier.  A laugh a day is the best medicine and this one is a serious laugh to be sure.


    Ho Ho Ho...that is cute! And clever.

    Are you a cheater? I.E. Stop motion animation? If not then actually make this an instructable.

    thats the new irons they go up if ur hands are not holding the iron you can gek the in the stores but if ur in a trip in those expensive holtels they should have one. p.s i think he did this at the hotel with his friends iron when they stay just to do this vid

    very creative and good use of random things (4 steam irons); in other words, wow! FREAKING AWESOME!!! -gamer

    Thats...awesome! Please post an instructable! (If & when you get the time!)

    now that's funny right there...i don't care who you are! hehe