Picture of Dancing LED's
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Create LED's to dance to your music!

You will need:
• a small 8 ohm speaker
• code 104 capacitor
• 35v 10 uf capacitor
• LED (single- or multi-color)
• Audio transformer
• breadbord
• Audio cable
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Step 1: Start The Build

Picture of Start The Build
Put the audio cable L/R in the rail's positive and the negative in the negative rail.

Step 2: Capacitor

Picture of Capacitor
Put the capacitor in the other rail so stop tearing in the speaker.

Step 3: LED

Picture of LED
Add an LED in the same rail as the capacitor.

Step 4: Add The Transformer

Picture of Add The Transformer
Add the smaller coil on the led's rail.

Step 5: Finish The Transformer

Picture of Finish The Transformer
Add the larger coil to the audio input rail.

Step 6: Add A Capacitor

Picture of Add A Capacitor
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Add the 10uf capacitor from the audio rail to the breadboard and connect a speaker to the same pin. Connect the negative of the speaker to the negative of the audio rail. Plug it in and play!
nodoubtman1 year ago

What is the rating? can you post me a link on the internet ?

thank yoU!


nodoubtman1 year ago

What is the use of an audio transformer? where i can get them?

thank you!

Parzivail (author)  nodoubtman1 year ago
The transformer is used to amplify the audio signal enough to light up the LED. you can buy them at your local radioshack or similar. Hope that helped :D