Create LED's to dance to your music!

You will need:
• a small 8 ohm speaker
• code 104 capacitor
• 35v 10 uf capacitor
• LED (single- or multi-color)
• Audio transformer
• breadbord
• Audio cable

Step 1: Start the Build

Put the audio cable L/R in the rail's positive and the negative in the negative rail.
<p>What is the rating? can you post me a link on the internet ?</p><p>thank yoU!</p><p>marC:)</p>
<p>What is the use of an audio transformer? where i can get them?</p><p>thank you!<br>marC:)</p>
The transformer is used to amplify the audio signal enough to light up the LED. you can buy them at your local radioshack or similar. Hope that helped :D

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Bio: Indie game developer that loves arduino and LEDs and gaming and stuff.
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