Picture of Dancing, Magnetic Robots
Make a pair of dancing robots using magnets!

While messing around with some magnets I purchased from Ebay I discovered something really cool.  If you put a small washer on a flat surface and move a magnet in a circle motion underneath the washer, it will spin one way and then another.

As soon as I saw this I just had to incorporate it into a project.  In the end I came up with robot dancers - the ideas a little left of centre but the end result looks great.  The robots really look like they are dancing and the cool thing is you can’t see any mechanisms moving them. 

I chose a book to have the robots dancing on as I wanted it to seem that the robots were casually being displayed on top of the  book.  You could use a wooden box (or cardboard box) to hide the motor etc, but a book does the job pretty well.

Here's a video of the robots in action

And here’s how you do it…
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Step 1: Things to Gather

Picture of Things to Gather

- A hard back book.
- 3v geared motor 15rpm.  Can be purchased on Ebay
- White LED. - Switch.   Can be purchased on Ebay
- 2 x LED holders.  Can be purchased on Ebay
- Old fuse.
- Copper tube - Copper wire (thin)
- wire
- 2 x rare earth magnets.  Can be purchased on Ebay
- Battery holder.  Can be purchased on Ebay
- Toggle switch.  Can be purchased on Ebay
- Old electrical parts, resistors, transistors, pots whatever you can get your hands on.  These bits are used to build your robot.
- 2 x washers.  Make sure that they are as thin and shiny as possible.


- hot glue
- solder and soldering iron
- pliers
- Stanley knife
jack353 months ago


shivang_helios11 months ago


What is the size of the rare magnet you used ?

Nobin12 months ago

Simply fantastic.

Obrigado por compartilhar sua ideia

lonesoulsurfer (author) 1 year ago
Here's a robot I stuck in resin - worked pretty well. Ill probably do an instructable on this at some stage.
13 8:40 PM.jpg13 8:40 PM.jpg
pragatiii1 year ago
where did you get the
motor and all pieces from?
cozzz1 year ago
Nice job. Very amusing.
Awesome! Fun. Neat :)
vandhika1 year ago
the book title is perfect.
hide the lamp and switch, and the book is being possessed

Made it it world perfect
pjkumpon1 year ago
I love this! nice job
lonesoulsurfer (author)  pjkumpon1 year ago
Thanks dude.
freaking AWESOME!!!
cheers man
Very Cool :)