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Warli art is the painting style by tribal people from Maharashtra, India (. Using simple lines they depict the people, ceremonies, gods and their dances. This instructable shows how to make a design of dancing women using paper craft.

Step 1: How to Proceed--

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This art generally uses one color against a dark background like brown or black. Painting is done using white color. It is very simple to cut the paper to make this design. You need a white paper (plain or tissue), card board paper, scissors and glue.

1. Take a square shape paper of any size you wish to make. I have taken a paper of size 10" x10".

2. Fold the paper into 1/8 size. Draw a figure of woman using pencil. Cut the paper in such a way that the hands and legs are tied up for all the folds.

3. Now open the folds and wow !! the 8 women are in a dancing circle.

4. To complete the scene, you can cut some more single images as well as hats and any other fancy items .


bhavik zure (author)2017-02-21

can u please share step by step guidance, subject is nice.

vvagte (author)bhavik zure2017-02-22

I have added pictures of step by step procedure for cutting in the revised write up. Please check it.

bhavik zure (author)vvagte2017-03-06

just saw it, thank you for sharing.

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