Need to add a little whismy to you craft room or sewing circle? Then there is no better way than the dandelion pincushion sewing kit!

This is a simple project that can be done in one evening if you find yourself with an hour or two of free time and a pinch of creativity. The supplies for this project are easy to find and cheap and most can probably be found around your house. 

Lets have some fun and add a conversation piece to your craft room!

Step 1: Supplies

Project needs:

-Aluminum can
-Coat hanger
-Pearlized pins
-Large cork

Basic needs:

-Hot glue gun
-Pliers with wire cutter
-Paint and paint brush

Most of the things I found around the house. Coat hangers are amazing for many projects, its always good to have some around the house and any given time. I used aluminum by cutting apart a soda can, another easy way to get metal for projects. I used a bit of a t-shirt that had been thrown in the rag bin, you only need a little bit so you shouldn't need to buy an entire thing of material. 

The pins, corks, and jar were all found at Michaels for a pretty cheap price, although most places should have similar items. 
<p>This is so cute, I can't believe I haven't seen it before! I would make a million of these things, but I know my roommates cats would destroy it :( But it's so pretty!</p>
Very clever and cute. This would make a good gift

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