Dapper Multi-purpose Pinky-ring





Introduction: Dapper Multi-purpose Pinky-ring

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Ever find during the day that you lack the ability to carry around small amounts of things? Are you looking for a new exciting bit of fashion to adorn your hands while still being functional? The multi-purpose pinky-ring solves all those dilemmas and more!

Simply slip this beautiful piece of crafted copper on your hand and discover the endless uses of having a tiny bowl attached to your hand throughout the day.

You can use it: as a scoop, as a container, you may even drink unsatisfyingly tiny amounts of liquid from it!

You can make your very own using a basic ring mandrel, a disc cutter, and a dapping cube. Assemble and enjoy the classy utility of this dapper ring.




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    I love it! thanks for sharing and have a splendorous day!