Picture of Dark Activated Night Light
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A dark activated night light.

Please also see this one by H4ZZ498
It's the same thing, he made it first thogh.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
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13 11:58.jpg
13 11:58.jpg
13 11:58.jpg
Breadboard (You could make a PCB if you want)
Any NPN transistor
10k resistor ( Or trimpot for variable sensivity)
A LED ( You choose the color)
2X AA battery pack or any 3v battery

Step 2: Build The Circuit

Picture of Build The Circuit
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Build the circuit on the breadboard!

Step 3: Done!

Picture of Done!
Done! Now turn off the lights and it should light up.

Step 4: Stripboard version

Picture of Stripboard version
kmargie257 months ago
I love it! Totally gonna make it! Where did you get the such a small breadboard?!
Ploopy (author)  kmargie257 months ago

I live in China and I got the mini breadboards from taobao a Chinese service. You will can find these at RadioShack or at EBay. Thanks, please follow me if you liked it.

ynze1 year ago
Hey Ploopy, nice project! It would be cool if you gave member H4ZZ498 some credit in your text, since you rebuild his project:

It's good practice to refer to other I'bles you used...
Ploopy (author)  ynze1 year ago
I just changed it and pu a link to his ible at the top ↑
ynze Ploopy1 year ago
Cool! Now it's what Instructables is all about: Learn, make share :-)