aphillips193 years ago
Really yummmy! Love!
KellyShip3 years ago
This looks delicious!
dfabre13 years ago
Very Nice!! Good luck.
This is a winning recipe!
sandishep3 years ago
Looks good! How can you go wrong with this combo?!
cwhite323 years ago
Love your recipe. Chocolate and blueberries !
What an interesting combo--looks delightful!
edehart3 years ago
Sounds delicious!
Ronna3 years ago
Wow! I'll have to make this recipe!
KCQuaretti3 years ago
Yummers to be sure!
Great combo of flavors!
pcalhoun3 years ago
This just sounds incredible....love the crust and the filling!!!
That sounds delicious!!!
Sounds like an interesting mix of flavors! Awesome! Also, it would be really cool if you could put a picture of the finished tart first so everyone can see what you're making :)
Thanks for the feedback Penolopy, happy cooking!