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I joined Instructables 3 years ago today (Oct.30, 2014). To celebrate, I decided to publish an Instructable. This is one way to take those yummy roasted pumpkin seeds up a notch. Since I decided not to carve any pumpkins this year, I asked my daughter to bring me the guts/seeds from the pumpkins her family carved. To this is what I did with the bounty she brought me.

Step 1:

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Pumpkin seeds (with guts still attached)

Season salt (your choice)

Dark chocolate (you may use milk chocolate if you choose)



T-shirt bag


Baking sheets

Parchment paper

Rubber scraper

Step 2:

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Here is my pumpkin seeds ready to be separated from all the other pumpkin innards (my parents called them guts, and so do I). If you find this to be to gross for your sensibilities, use gloves, or buy already roasted pumpkin seeds (and skip the next few steps). I just reached in the pot and grabbed a hand full of guts with seeds, I removed the seed and put them in the colander and the guts into the t-shirt bag. It took a little over a half an hour.

Step 3:

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When I was done, I has a shirt bag full of guts, an empty pot and a colander full of seeds. I tied the top of the guts filled t-shirt bag closed and put it in the trash can. I put the pot in the dish washer and

Step 4:

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I then spray washed the seeds. I let them dry for a time. You want them damp not wet.

Step 5:

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When I got back, I then set the oven to 325° (F) to preheat and then I sprinkled the seeds with seasoning salt,

Step 6:

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I covered the baking sheet with parchment paper.

Step 7:

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I spread the seeds into a thin layer on the baking sheet. You may want to sprinkle more seasoning salt over the top of the seeds. Put them in the oven and set the timer for 25 minutes. After about 15 minutes, use a rubber spatula to stir the seeds, so that they will bake on both sides. Return to baking. If your seeds are still a little wet after the 25 minutes, add more time and stir again

Step 8:

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until they are all dry and roasted. YES! Now Pumpkins seeds are really good just this way, but let’s make them even better.

Step 9:

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I bought real dark chocolate melts, for this project, I put the melts in a bowl and put them in the microwave for 30 seconds,

Step 10:

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stirred, another 30 seconds and stirred, until every bit of chocolate was melted and smooth.

Step 11:

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I put a fresh piece of parchment paper on the baking sheet after I poured all the roasted pumpkin seeds into a bowl.

Step 12:

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Then I spread some of the pumpkin seeds on the sheet

Step 13:

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and spread the melted chocolate all over the seeds, spreading the chocolate out with the rubber spatula.

Step 14:

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I then let it set until the chocolate has cooled and hardened (to speed this up you can put it in the refrigerator).

Step 15:

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Once set, break into pieces, and …Enjoy! They will keep well in an air tight container.


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peppypickle (author)2014-10-30

what a wonderful idea! and they look delicious! I'm going to make these this week! thanks for sharing your instructions

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