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Introduction: Dark Explorations

We thought of a way where in people who usually wake up at night to go to the bathroom or get a drink from the refrigerator don’t have to switch on the lights that would probably wake up his or her roommate or the whole household. The solution: slippers with flashlights.

The logic behind this product is that people who wake up at night can see the path their walking on. They don’t have to worry about groping their way to the bathroom or down the stairs or wherever they feel like going in the middle of the night. All they have to do is wear the pair of slippers, switch on the light by turning the flashlight to the left and now they have light.

This is very advisable to parents who have kids who go to the bathroom in the middle of the night to pee.

Step 1: Gather the Following Materials: a Pair of Slippers, 2 LED Flashlights, Sewing Materials and Scissors.

Step 2: Cut a Hole on the Pair of Slippers for the 2 LED Flashlights.

Step 3: Insert the LED Flashlights Up Until Its Body. Leave the Head of the Flashlights Seen.

Step 4: Sew Around the Body of the Flashlights to Keep It in Place.



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    Brilliant Idea!


    First and foremost tandw you are to be commended for using your brain for ingenuity. I see so little of it these days, the TV and video games use ones thoughts for them. Now for the bad part. In my house we just use night lights. Not that we are afraid of the dark but to be able to see without waking others up, loosing our night vision etc... I also wouldn't want to shoot a friend or for that matter miss the person in the process of invading. They are very low voltage and we leave them on 24/7. We might have to replace a bulb every years or so. So for what it's worth, you get a gold star from me.

    nice idea, but very poor intructable.

    Hey I am the same girl that had a project and I now know what you nid to make it put I don`t under stand ho you can turn it off

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    I'd guess you just use the sort of flashlights that you would twist to turn on/off.

    hello my name is maria and I am 14 years old And in my school where doing a project about inventions and me and my friend where thinking about talking about your invention so I would like to now how it is biullt so that I can then so that I can present it to my friends I mean I just want to now how its buillt up what you nid to make it.

    you could also bypass the "clunky-ness" of having a big ole flashlight on top of your foot (i know the one's shown arent that big but still)by maybe making an LED array in the sole of the slipper (like 3 to 6 leds across the front of the slipper sole) so that you'd get adequate light dispersal...and then you could have it with a momentary switch so that each shoe is only on when you're standing on that shoe...with the right ammount of LEDs and the proper aiming...you wouldn't need both to be on at the same time....unless you're spelunking in your slippers

    The use of a day to day apparel with a light sticking on it is a great way in moving at night. its cool

    its a great invention but i have one question.. is this thing waterproof?!? because since this slippers will be used in the bathroom.. there is a tendency that it would get wet.. considering that it is to be used to go to the bathroom. Water may get inside it and destroy the electronics inside the flashlight or its battery..

    Install a microswitch under the foot to sense pressure and turn on the light for 20 seconds after it is activated. (each additional step would restart the timer) Say goodbye to stubbed toes :)

    It's a great idea, but as cryptopath said it could use a better user interface. I was thinking of some switch that turned the light on when the fabric on the top of the slipper is stretched.

    Hmmn. As much as I need a pair of slippers that only lights up everything along the ground (which may be useful in preventing painful toe-dresser collisions), I think it could do with some improvement. For a start, what about bypassing the switch on the flashlights with a push-button type toggle switch? After sewing that in, you could then turn it on with a little pressure of a toe. And then you can turn it off when you get back to your dorm without having to bend over at all!