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Mae Gavenon! Q'apla! Cthulhu fatghn!

Want to be the envy of the costume party this year, or maybe a young teen looking to go trick-or-treating? Here is the ultimate low cost costume for you and your undead army.

Before we begin there is a few things that you should think about, do you want a standard wizard look or more like an alchemist or druid or necromancer? How rich/fancy is this person or do you want a rough and tumble look? The limit is simply how far you decide to go. A good designing practice that I saw somewhere on the internet (sorry that I cannot find the link now) is to imagine your character standing in a door with a bright light behind them so you can only see their silhouette. Now begin by drawing boxes for each part, first torso then head then arms/legs then anything else. Then begin to slowly fill in these boxes with your sketch for you costume.

If your going for a wizard style you need to think about colors, as this is what will scream about you. Dark colors especially black with red or black with purple are more evil looking while something like white with gold is more heroic and green with purple for a more tower/librarian look.

Alchemists are going to want to have a belt with lots of bottles and vials full of liquids and powders hanging off. Or maybe you want them dropping from your chest. Generally you can drop the staff and go with something closer to a dagger. Greens, browns and other neutral earthy colors are good here.

Necromancers, oh boy now you guys have some work to do. You can go with standard black with red trim cloak or you can get fancy. If you want a really good looking costume I highly suggest trying to make one with tighter leather like fabric for the main part with lots of designs, cut a belt or two or three and sew each half on to the main chest to work like buttons. Make skulls (without the jaw) out of clay and attach them like pauldrons (shoulder armor). Tomes are big here.

Druids want a earthiness feeling in their costume. A very gnarled staff is good left unpainted with just a jewel. Lots of feathers and beads and claws are good here. Go with browns and greens. The more talismans the better. Also you probably want a cloak with several layers, tiered cloak, with the hood off. If you have a pet bear bring it with you, haha.

The costume that I did is made from a culmination of parts. Namely: a staff (the source of your power), a cloak, a necklace or two, some heavy boots, a loose long sleeve black shirt, dark pants and other jewelry or cosmetics.
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Elvish... okay... um.. no idea... then... Cthulu?
can you go into a bit more detail on this step? i want to get a general idea for shapes and lengths (for your height) so i can adjust it to my height, im really thinking of making a cloak b/c of the many uses for Halloween
Fuogger (author)  darknessfalls3 years ago
The cloak part is essentially just a big rectangle that is cut to the length of body; measure from your shoulders to your ankles and you will get about the right size. The hood is also just a basic rectangle size, I am 5' 5" and 130 pounds to give you an idea of size, however I cut my hood to 35" x 20" and it was much too big for me. The hood ended up being more appropriate for a person much larger or if you do not want to use it on a day to day basis, cloaks are very warm, it would still work well for a costume.

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