Picture of Dark chocolate fudge w/ Via instant coffee
This is my First Tutorial yayyyy! Alright so I use to work for starbucks and I had a regular who use to make via fudge for us employees when I was spending my vacation with my sister we decided we wanted to bake a bunch of stuff so thats when I decided to give this fudge a shot. It's simple easy and fast, it's a nice quick treat for all those holiday parties coming up or just cause :) It's also very rich and tastey so enjoy!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Okay so step one gather your materials! What you are going to need for this recipe is:
-Two bags of dark chocolate chips (Ghirardelli chocolate the best but here I used Kroger brand it was cheaper)
-A can of condensed milk (14 oz)
-a three pack of Via instant Italian roast (make sure it italian)
-vanilla extract (optional)
-ground coffee beans (optional)
-whole coffee beans (optional)
-pot, oven safe bowl, and a spoon
-Pam (not pictured) and a cake pan

Note: this is going to be extremely rich and for those of you who don't like dark chocolate or strong coffee you can always substitute the dark chocolate with milk and the italian roast via with colombia via

Step 2: Let's get started!

Picture of Let's get started!
Ok so now that you have your materials out we can get started! First set your burner on medium heat and place your pot on the burner (it's probably best to put some water in the pot when I used a pot with no water it damaged it a little) and then set your bowl on in the pot and let the pot warm up a little.
This sounds fantastic. :D