Dark Walnut Coffee Table





Introduction: Dark Walnut Coffee Table

This coffee table is the very first time I picked up a hammer and nail. I've never built anything before this table. I think it came out pretty good!

Step 1: In the Beginning.....

I was able to acquire a pretty nice dense pallet for the table top. I had to completely breakdown another whole pallet for this project.

Step 2: Marry the Pallets

I took the lesser of the two pallets and used them to fill in the gaps.

Step 3: She's Got Legs!

I found a spare piece of 4X4 and cut them about 16in. in length. I notched out space with a jigsaw underneath the table to fit the legs. I glued the tops of the legs and hammered 3in. common nails in through the top. I did want this table to be rustic and kind of industrial. Hence why I left broken nails, cracked or broken wood in the project.

Step 4: Sanding...

Nuff said.

Step 5: ....more Sanding.

I believe I sanded with 220 grit for the finishing coat. I then stained it with dark walnut stain and only 2 coats of poly coat.

Step 6: Fin!

This table turned out really great. To date I think this table is one of the nicest pieces I've built. Enjoy!!



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    Sweet color, I really like how it turned out. Nice job, seemed pretty simple too.

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    Thanks. It's a dark walnut color that the previous owner of my house had left in the garage. I have been working on a few homemade stains that I've used on other projects that turned out really nice!

    I dont want to kill the fun here, however, pallets are highly toxic, because the wood is treated with pesticides against bugs!!! Careful, dont bring that stuff in your living space, I am working for a large industrial machinery OEM and we have to specially label and burn all our crates, pallets, shipping items after they are used, especially by shipments coming in from overseas.

    on of our warehouse workers took a large 10x10x25 ft shipping crate and used it as a chicken cube >>> result, the chicken didnt last a week in it - alive :-((((

    the project is great, however, THINK TWICE before you bring something in your living space where you dont know where it came form or what history it has !!!!!

    BE AWARE !!!! dont do that !!!

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    All my pallets are HT or Heat Treated and not PT or Pressure treated with chemicals. I don't work with any pallets that are not HT stamped. There are multiple sites that explain this. http://www.1001pallets.com/pallet-safety/

    Not all pallets have been treated with chemicals due to the fact that they transport food, clothing etc.


    4 years ago

    A clear coat would be great too!

    This is a Most Excellent result for a first effort! Sturdiness counts first, appearance second. You did well on both! Congrats.

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    Wow, Thank you. Yeah, it is very sturdy not just because of the thickness of the legs but also it is due to the width of the pallet itself. I believe the pallet top is 42 ins. by 50 ins.

    I like the color a lot. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!