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Introduction: Darkness Costume

This is a costume i built of the Darkness character from Ridley Scott's classic film "Legend". The horns are carved from styrofoam and coated with foam putty and then sanded and painted. The rest of the head is a latex appliance with a styrofoam base to keep the horns supported. The cape is hand sewn as are the goat legs and gauntlets. The chest is a latex rubber chest from an old custom batman suit a friend of mine was making. The hooves were made from high heel shoes (really really really HIGH heel shoes!) with a platform bottom that I dressed out to look like goat hooves (not the most comfortable things to wear, but definitely got the look across. That,s the bulk of it in a nut shell.

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    and the horns are bended the wrong way

    the face needs modified and the abs are too 2D

    Very cool!

    I did something a little different but was worth every bit of effort.


    Comments critiques welcome!


    Very well done! I love that movie. Loved it som much, I made a drum and bass tune using samples from the movie!

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    Now you have to make an actual instructable to make the devil prosthetics.

    I would love to do an Instructable on his head, but unfortunately I don't have many (if any at all) pictures of it in the works. It was kind of one of those things where as you're working on it you get into "the zone" and next thing you know you forgot to photograph it at all! And I'll say this about it, I had to build that head twice, and even once was far more then enough! Hands down one of the most difficult things I've ever had to figure out. It was a difficult to find a balance between a good look and a wearable weight. The first one ended up being about 10 lbs... not the most comfortable thing to wear. My second one that was the one that got used weighed under a pound. The face is actually a stock appliance you can buy. The head and horn on the store bought prosthetic are pretty lame, but the face is nice. I used it for time and cost reasons. Kind of a "if it aint broke dont fix it" kind of things.


    You could always simply describe the process, draw pictures, or make a new one and take pics of that.

    I just noticed that the Pyramid Head guy is in the background of one of the photos! Do you know that guy? His costume was awesome as well.

    And his costume is featured on Instructables a well. Just thought I would share that.

    lol Yes I did build that one in the background of that picture. That's the same one that is featured on Instructables. Both the Darkness and Pyramid Head slide shows are mine.

    Where can I here that?

    Looks good. Here's a quick tip for any future demon/devil costumes: Can't tell from the pictures, but if you want the rear bed look at the ankle, use wood blocks for the hooves. A friend of mine carved a set to look like hooves, painted them black, then strapped them to his feet. When he bent his knees, it looked just like a horse/devil/demon leg. Actaully got the "clomp" sound as well.

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    Guess I should further explain that only the balls of your feet are on the block. The heels hang off.

    I looked into that, the problem was that with the wight of the oversize horns and the headpeice to hold them it was difficult to walk and balance on them. Also bear in mind I was walking on uneven surfaces around large crowds of people for several hours straight. I decided to go with ultra high heeled shoes to get the same effect but the heel in back fave added stability, less risk overall for twisting ones ankle (especially one with poor balance! lol). The fur from the legs hung down and covered much of the heel and with them being black the remaining portion just blended in with the cape. Wood block is a great concept but in the situation of darkness I found it to not be the most practical.

    My friend had no problems, but he didn't have the huge headpiece. I can see where that makes a difference. His mainpiece were wings that extended on command. Didn't put him as off balance.

    Nice! Are those wing up here on Instructables by any chance? I'd like to see those!

    No. This was done 10+ years ago. I haven't talked to the guy in 9 years.

    Nice work! Did you scare lots of children? ;)