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Introduction: Darn Those Jeans

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This is a quick easy way to bring back some life to jeans. this is especially helpful when school has a policy agains holy jeans.

Step 1:

You will need  

small scrap of fabric slightly bigger than hole matching the jeans
stitch witchery or some other iron on adhesive
sewing machine

Step 2:

Clean up the rip or hole from all extra threads. Leave the ones that are attached on 2 sides.

Step 3:

Trim scrap of fabric to about 1/2" larger than hole on all sides. Place iron on adhesive in the center of fabric.

Step 4:

Place the adhesive to the wrong side of jeans and iron in place. Use a cloth to cover the hole to be sure the adhesive doesn't damage jeans. 

Step 5:

Take the jeans to the sewing machine with thread as close to the jeans color as possible. Begin to stitch with a darning stitch if your machine has one or a multiple step zig zag stitch. Run back and forth over the hole multiple passes. 

Step 6:

Turn your work and sew back and forth again.  The object is to create "fabric" from the thread. 

Step 7:

All fixed! You really have to look for it.



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    thank you for the great tutorial!

    Wow, nicely done! I usually patch with fun fabrics to make my jeans more interesting, but sometimes it's nice to hide the holes altogether - great tutorial. Thank you!

    Dont people like holes in their jeans these days? Lol

    Very impressive cover up!!

    2 replies

    My kids school has a policy agains them.

    Did you get them baptised? Why are they holy?

    The correct word is holey.

    Grammar Nazi here!


    Wow... that's pretty impressive work! It really gets me down when I see someone throwing out a £60 pair of jeans because they have a small tear in them, which I could hand-sew (and I'm terrible at sewing) in ten minutes.

    1 reply