Introduction: The Tootsie Ro. . . . Uh, Drink

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This drink tastes just like the name implies . . . but doesn't infringe upon anyone's copyright.

Step 1: What You Need

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You'll need:

2 oz of apple cider
1 oz of vodka
1/2 oz of Cointreau*
1/2 oz of Frangelico

Pour all of these ingredients into a cocktail shaker and top up with ice. Cover and shake until you're tired of it and your hands can't take anymore of the cold.

*Can you use Triple Sec? . . . No! You can't use Triple Sec! Triple Sec is for teenage girls to get drunk on at slumber parties right after the pillow fight but before they start making out!

Step 2: Pour

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Pour into a cocktail glass (or, if you're fancy as hell, a "sherbet glass" as pictured), garnish with orange zest (forgive me, I only had lemons on hand), and drink until you can't see.


SelkeyMoonbeam (author)2014-01-09

Thank you. Beautifully written.

dlewisa (author)SelkeyMoonbeam2014-01-09

Thanks! Bottoms up!

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