Our team created a wind powered generator in the form of a Darrieus Vertical Axis Wind Turbine.  Our aim was to create a turbine which generated as much power possible using motor in a wind tunnel. We also needed to design the wind turbine with a specific market in mind. We decided that our turbine would be suited best to educate children about the environment and renewable energy. 

Nessessities for this project.

4 Pieces of 550 x 350 x 15 MDF
Steel rod (440x (diameter 19)

15 bore ball bearings (high quality bearings used in bike hubs)

4M threaded aluminuim rod

6mm thick clear acrylic (required for gear)

3500RPM motor generator


power drill
sand paper
disc sander

Step 1: Blades

1) We carried out research and decided that 2 symmetrical aerofoil blades would suit our needs best. We used this website http://www.ae.illinois.edu/m-selig/ads/coord_database.html and selected the NACA 015 aerofoil section template.

2) Using this file, we then created a model in solid works. This was a 2D representation of the NACA 015.

3) We then placed the file in Adobe illustrator and laser cut the shape out of 6mm thick clear acrylic. This was then used as a guide/template.

4) Each blade consists of 2 pieces of 18mm thick ( 80mm long and 320mm deep). PVA was used as an adhesive to stick each piece of MDF together.

5) The acrylic template was then used to draw the outline of the aerofoil section on each end of the MDF. 

6) The belt sander was then used to sculpt each blade. The acrylic template was constantly used to check that the blade was being sanded correctly.

7) Finally, each blade was varnished and sanded 6 times to gain a very smooth finish.

<p>Though at first I was interested with the concept of vertical windmills, I have since learned that horizontally mounted designs are far more efficient and less problematic. </p>
<p>we have made a large wind turbine too.please have a look at </p><p>http://solar-boiler.ir</p>
<p>Did you import the NACA files into Solid Works?</p>

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