Picture of Dart Station from Repurposed Bathroom Cabinet
I was redoing the downstairs bathroom and there was two cabinets in there. They took up way to much room so decided even if I reinstall , I would only do one after the bathroom is done up.

So I was thinking what to do with this cabinet. Although it helped determine the theme for the bathroom project, it certainly didn't go with anything else as is.

Recently I did an Instructable on re purposing an old frame into a dart board frame. So that gave me an idea I could make this into a cabinet to store darts as well as maybe converting into a little work station to replace flights or change out shafts. And I still had flannel left over from that project that I thought I could utilize.

I also did an Instructable on how to do a quick stain and wipe to fix up old scratched up furniture. In that instructable I said it only works on real would not laminated MDF. I still stand by that statement but wanted to see how far I could take it on MDF.

So this is basically just a re purpose a cabinet you can make the cabinet into whatever you want to use it for as this is only to give you ideas. I might link to some of my other Instructables if it is pertinent to the step.