This Darth Vader made by 5-Axis CNC from 3DCG Model (STL Format) directly.

Making video 検索エンジン

<p>hmmm... Is this just to show off or is there actually going to be some kind of instruction steps to build that?</p><p>It would be great to get some information, as you can check for your self, there aren't many results when you search for 4-5axis CNC, even less really related ones.</p><p>Few information is enough to transform this into an instructable... otherwise, it's just spam! (even if the piece of &quot;art&quot; looks good!)</p>

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Bio: Hello! I am Japanese woman. In UENOKIGATA, we made many object by 5-axis CNC! Thank you for your interest me (^_^)
More by Hisako u:[Darth Vader] 5-axis CNC ART COCKSCOMB ON NAME CUBE 
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