Picture of Darth Vader Lego Mosaic

Ever wanted to know how to convert a image into the pixelly joy we know as Lego? I present one method that's super easy and results in a pretty damn spiffy lego mosaic!

EDIT(Jan 23, 2007): Recently the boys over at Pictobrick released their software and good documentation. Feel free to check them out as well.

Step 1: Source Image

Picture of Source Image
The frist step in converting a photo to a lego mosaic is to start with a photo, or in my case, a snazzy graphic that someone had put together. Unfortunately, I have no idea where this graphic came from, if this is yours please shoot me a message and I'll give you credit.

When looking for an ideal photo, keep in mind that the resultant lego mosaic is going to be displayed in a pretty small resolution. For example, the source image is 225 x 169 pixels, the end image was resized down to 96x64 which equals in lego, about 30" x 20". In other words, you will loose a lot of the fidelity of the photo so don't choose a photo with a lot of details. Or if you want the details, be prepared to create a huge mosaic $$$.
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SteveJohnBob7 months ago
That is awesome!
P.S Nice Lego Star Wars Collection!
bricks2pics6 years ago
Excellent Darth Mosaic. I have a LEGO Mosaic of Darth Vader designed and all but ready to build. However, made this LEGO Mosaic of a Storm Trooper last year. www.bricks2pics.com
Star Wars Clone Trooper 001-SMALL.jpg


could you please tell me what was the size of the storm trooper or how many base plate in what size you use i like to try make that if i can ,thanks

The mosaic was created 45" wide by 30" tall or (3) 15" base plates wide by (2) 15" base plates tall.

chuybregts (author)  magid.daneshi11 months ago
You could use the program in the instructable to play with different sizes. You'll just need the source image and then just try different dithering techniques until one looks okay. Note that larger you make it the more costly it'll be but the better fidelity it'll have.


I've seen your darth fader mosaic and love the way you have explained the instructions of how to design and build.but would love to know the same about the one above Storm trooper would love to make this one .many thanks maj

That is ridiculusly awesome :D
magid.daneshi11 months ago

I've seen your darth fader mosaic and love the way you have explained the instructions of how to design and build.but would love to know the same about the Storm trooper would love to make that one .many thanks maj

squidcraft1 year ago

im done gonna faint

chuybregts (author)  squidcraft1 year ago
Haha! I think that's a good thing :) glad you enjoyed it.
Oh sweet thats soooo cool
There is also a lego mosaic app called "LEGO photo" but you have to take a photo
chuybregts (author)  NanoRobotGeek3 years ago
Sweet! I'll have to try it out and see how it compares. Thanks for pointing it out! (for those who are interested, it's available for the iOS platforms and it was created by Lego)
Very cool mosaic! definatly 5 stars!
hhhttt3 years ago
For some very odd reason, My windows XP computer won't runn the downloaded program. If I send the picture I wanted to mosaic, woulfd you run it through the program for me?
monsterlego3 years ago
The force is strong with this one...
dimmaz884 years ago
That's amazing dude, I think I'll add this to my list of things to make!
Mimikry4 years ago
dum dum dum dum-di-dum dum-di-dum
mr. vader marches in :)

cool one!
splazem4 years ago
Amazing. Wow, you sure can do anything with legos...
second picture, "Hopes and dreams may sometimes be crushed but sometimes you must getup and go again"
nice :]
WOW!! These are flippin awsome!!Keep up the good work!
brickworkz8 years ago
Great mosaic!

I was actually going to a Vader mosaic very similar to this design. I ended up going with a Yoda design instead. Came across this article on Digg.com and wanted to say nice job!

My Yoda (and more info about it) is online here in the Gallery section at www.brickworkz.com if you're interested.
Nice :D
chuybregts (author)  brickworkz8 years ago
Thanks! I found your MOC page about it last week and enjoyed seeing your other mosaics. Good stuff indeed! :) Good luck with the Business! Chris
Baronrc5 years ago

Chuy, I'm having a problem with Bricksaic. When I click "Map," it forms the map. However, the parts count is completely wrong on the bottom for each page and only a few tiles are numbered in the pic (very few). What I end up getting is a picture of a lego mosaic that gives me no information for construction. Do you know what might be wrong?
samwhiteUK6 years ago
can u plz explain how u found out what size to make the image? as u said, we all have our own little 'quirk', and mine is to do stuff manually (without special software) plz help s-j-whitey
builder9686 years ago
poor darth. lol.
I completed this around a year ago. Its just taken me some time to put it up here. I'm still working towards making a picture frame (in Lego's) to go around it. I've also moved some bricks around to make it look better since this picture.
chuybregts (author)  LegoBrickMaster76 years ago
Woot! That's awesome! Thanks for posting the pic! I love the added detail the grey adds.
benboy2076 years ago
Whats the difference between studs up and the other way?
chuybregts (author)  benboy2076 years ago
When looking at the mosaic straight on, in my case, looking into darth vader's eyes, if the studs (the little bits that say lego) are pointing back at you, that'll be stud's Out. If instead, you see the smooth side of the bricks, that's studs up (as in, the lego studs are pointing up to the sky). They also have what's called, SNOT, which stands for "Stud's not On Top" and that's pretty much any other way of making a mosaic Check out this Mad Hatter for a good example of SNOT.

OK. I want to do this, but I dont really understand how to get the pieces or make the template thing. Does anyone want to help?
chuybregts (author)  benboy2076 years ago
What specifically are you having issues with? To get bricks, check out step 4, to make the template, that's what the rest of the article is about. What I'd recommend, is grab the software and grab an image, then start playing with it, eventually it'll all make sense. The software pixelates the image to whatever size mosaic you're after, so for me, I decide how many "32x32" or "48x48" tiles I want my final image to be, then enter that into the software. As for the bricks, bricklink can be a pain, but if you search for the pieces you want, you'll find people selling those pieces, for large mosaics, you may have to order from a number of people. If you need help, do ask, but let us know more specifics :)
The PicToBrick progam isn't working or me. When you start the program the box that wants you to choose a picture wont show any of my pictures! Am I doing something wrong?
chuybregts (author)  benboy2076 years ago
I've only briefly played with the PicToBrick program and unfortunately can't help you with it. I used the Bricksaic program instead when I did my mosaics.
spork9696 years ago
You are now and forever my hero. I am SO doing this.
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