I am a self-proclaimed Star Wars fanatic. As part of my fanaticism, I have been collecting and drawing Star Wars characters on upcycled purses I have found at either the flea market or second-hand stores.

Once again, I purchased a black purse at a flea market that appeared to be the *perfect thing* to draw an outlined-style Darth Vader on the purse.

I've colored a purse before using Sharpie Permanent Markers and I posted that on Instructables, titled Yoda Purse - Upcycled It Is.

What's different about this project is that I used Sharpie Oil-Based Medium Point Paint Markers that I picked up at a local hardware store. I was looking for a "white" marker and found these useful paint markers that I know I will be using for years to come.

The project took me less than two hours to do, and if I were to do it over again, I would use a silver paint marker rather than the white. Oh well. I like it and I really hope someone starts making these unique purses to sell to others!

Step 1: Materials Used

I purchased the purse at the flea market for three dollars ($3.00.)

It does not appear to be real leather, and I recognized the label in the bag when I bought it. The purse had a couple marks on the outside and a few marks on the inside, but other than that, it was in very good condition and appeared that it hadn't been used in a while (deduced from the stiff creases in the outside of the purse material.)

As stated in the Intro, I used Sharpie Oil-Based Medium Point Paint Markers to paint the Darth Vader picture on the purse.

<p>A great gift idea for the Star Wars fan and timely for the new release of Star Wars. GREAT IDEA.</p>
<p>Thank you! I'm trying to make more for my collection. =)</p>
<p>Incr&iacute;vel, isto ficou excelente.</p>
<p>Wow! It looks great!</p>
<p>Thank you amberrayh!</p>

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