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Introduction: Darth Vader Pendant

I made this fun chrome-looking pendant by upcycling a candy container -- think it'll be perfect to wear on May the 4th, which is Star Wars Day. Sharing my process in case you want to make one, too.

Step 1: Buy and Dismantle Candy Container

I bought a package of these 3-D, 2-piece Darth Vader candy containers. Here's one, taken apart.

These came 3 to a package and were displayed with the Spring/Easter Egg hunt accessories.

For my pendant, I used the top portion only.

Step 2: Transform

The key to making this is to use Rub N Buff. I used the color, "Silver Leaf." Follow the directions and apply a light coat all over. It smells a bit, so you'll want some ventilation while doing this. Once you're satisfied with the coverage, rub with a soft cloth to remove excess.

The plastic took the Rub N Buff quickly, and polished up to a beautiful, slightly mottled gleam. It looks to me like a slightly antiqued silver or aged chrome plate.

I used one coat, and the whole process took about 5 minutes. I didn't add any kind of top coat or sealant; I just let the mask dry overnight just in case there was a risk of smudging. The details really pop with the silver, as you can see in the "After" photo here.

Step 3: Add Loop and Backing

To turn this into a pendant, I twisted a bit of wire into a loop and set it in a small notch that was already located at the top of the helmet on the back side.

I secured the loop in place with a bit of hot glue dripped inside the helmet.

I didn't want to leave the back open, so I traced a piece of self-adhesive felt, cut it out, and secured it to the back. This gave it a little heft and also helped the hanging loop.

If you don't have self-adhesive felt, you could trace and cut out some felt or other fabric, and run a thin bead of regular glue along the rim to secure the pieces together.

Step 4: Add Cording or Chain

I added some black rubber cording to the hanging loop, so the pendant would be wearable. You could also wear this from an existing necklace or chain if you've already got one.

Can't wait for May the 4th!

That's it. Hope this was worthwhile, and provides some ideas for you to keep creating, too.



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U could make the eyes glow red with a small led lite setup...that would be cool!

So cool, I am going to try this!

Cool. This one looked really heavy with the metallic look. Totally fooled me! :) Looks great!

Nice, when I first saw it, I totally thought it was made of metal.

I really like this think I might try this on one of the plastic masks in my collection. Nice 'ible!

Nice reuse of a candy top! I love it that silver color too!