Darth Vader Speed Drawing

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Introduction: Darth Vader Speed Drawing

My previous speed drawings were met with quite a positive response, so I thought I should make a better one :)

I hope you enjoy the video, and leave any questions, feedback and/or responses in the comment section below!

I also take requests, so leave me a suggestion if you want! So far I'm thinking about drawing the Joker (probably Heath Ledger or the original Joker from the comics).

Have a great day!



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    there is paper of the actual picture under it. so you faked it.

    How did you reach that conclusion? I'd love to know...because there wasn't any paper underneath.

    you see dark spots. it can also be a soft pencil fot sketch. is it that i'm sorry for the comment i'd make.

    What do you mean by dark spots? And for the sake of saving time on the video I didn't record sketching the basic shapes in pencil first, because I already tried that and it was rubbish: it took up too much of the video and you could barely see it anyway.

    thats what i ment you see the basic shapes. but because you didn't record that, i thought you had a paper under it. but it isn't. i'm sorry for the comment i had make.

    although really nice drawing.

    haha, thanks man :)


    Nice work! Can you tell us how long it actually took to draw? Well done -- wish I were able to draw half as well.

    Well, the pencil outline took AGES, and I didn't really time it since it was kind of on and off, so I don't know how long that took. For the bit you see in the video, it took about 3 and a half hours, the main bulk of that was just working out which bits to colour black and which bits to colour white! Oh, and thank you for the positive feedback, I really appreciate comments like that! :)