Introduction: Darth Vader Speed Drawing

My previous speed drawings were met with quite a positive response, so I thought I should make a better one :)

I hope you enjoy the video, and leave any questions, feedback and/or responses in the comment section below!

I also take requests, so leave me a suggestion if you want! So far I'm thinking about drawing the Joker (probably Heath Ledger or the original Joker from the comics).

Have a great day!


dutchwarlord (author)2011-11-22

there is paper of the actual picture under it. so you faked it.

Lowney (author)dutchwarlord2011-11-22

How did you reach that conclusion? I'd love to know...because there wasn't any paper underneath.

dutchwarlord (author)Lowney2011-11-22

you see dark spots. it can also be a soft pencil fot sketch. is it that i'm sorry for the comment i'd make.

Lowney (author)dutchwarlord2011-11-23

What do you mean by dark spots? And for the sake of saving time on the video I didn't record sketching the basic shapes in pencil first, because I already tried that and it was rubbish: it took up too much of the video and you could barely see it anyway.

dutchwarlord (author)Lowney2011-11-23

thats what i ment you see the basic shapes. but because you didn't record that, i thought you had a paper under it. but it isn't. i'm sorry for the comment i had make.

although really nice drawing.

Lowney (author)dutchwarlord2011-11-24

haha, thanks man :)

Kozz (author)2011-11-05

Nice work! Can you tell us how long it actually took to draw? Well done -- wish I were able to draw half as well.

Lowney (author)Kozz2011-11-06

Well, the pencil outline took AGES, and I didn't really time it since it was kind of on and off, so I don't know how long that took. For the bit you see in the video, it took about 3 and a half hours, the main bulk of that was just working out which bits to colour black and which bits to colour white! Oh, and thank you for the positive feedback, I really appreciate comments like that! :)

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