Picture of Darth Vader costume mod
My wife got me a cheap  Darth Vader costume from Target to hand out candy on Halloween. It begged to be modded! 

This uses a BS2 and some LEDs to make a cheap costume rad. The neighborhood kids loved it! 

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Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
19 Leds
1 Solderless breadboard
2  9 volt batteries
16 470 ohm resistors
wire, lots of wire

Wire strippers
soldering iron
Serial port

Step 2: Solder time

Picture of Solder time
I soldered the resistors in line with the wire to the LEDS positive leg.

I plugged them in to the breadboard in pins 1-16 of the BS2.

I ran one wire from the negative of the 9v battery out to the "chest plate" of the costume, wear I ran it to all of the negative leads on the LEDs.

Step 3: Poke Holes

Picture of Poke Holes
I poked a hole with a pin through the "chest plate" of the vader costume wherever there was a colored dot or box on the costume.

Step 4: Mask

Picture of Mask
There were two chrome plastic dots on the mask, I popped those out and replaced them with blue LEDs. I added one led in the middle of the mask to add some more glow to it. I wired them in series and ran them off of a seperate 9v battery.

Step 5: Program the BS2

Picture of Program the BS2
As usual I waited until the last minute to do this. So I reused the code from my Blinking Courier Bag Light. Loaded it with MacBS2.

Step 6: Holder

Picture of Holder
I used a little AWP tool pouch to hold it all on my belt loop.

Step 7: Rock

Now play an mp3 from the movie, impress the kids, and alienate yourself from the neighbors.