Introduction: Darth Vador XT

Picture of Darth Vador XT

Everybody knows the evil darth vador right. Well I made him even eviler. I call him darth vador XT!

Step 1: Prince of Persia Pants

Picture of Prince of Persia Pants

Take the pants

Step 2: Ninjago Cole Shirt

Picture of Ninjago Cole Shirt

Put it on the pants

Step 3: Red Cape

Picture of Red Cape

Put it on the body

Step 4: Kai Head

Picture of Kai Head

Put it on the body after you put the cape

Step 5: Darth Vador Helmet

Picture of Darth Vador Helmet

Put it on the head


grrr21 (author)2013-03-28

You rock, Nick. I'll ask my son to post some of his creations.

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