Dash [Knex Slingshot]




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Introduction: Dash [Knex Slingshot]

New gun I made recently.



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    shot! shot!shot!shot! shots! shots! yah! love that song, shots by the lonely island, that and i just had sex by LMFAO

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    And you child looks like?

    thats powerful, but is it technically a bullpup

    check my gun out at

    sweet good range! nice trigger mech but single shot......... NICE 5*

    i suppose this gun would be great for sniping but war is not a great place for single shots. give it to a kid who can run like heck and heed do pretty good.
    like the gun too, smart trigger design

    very unique trigger, very clever... alot like a bull-pup rifle in the sense that you use the entire length of the rifle as a slingshot

    nice house, crystal clear camera, and most importantly sick gun! this is a great single shot and i would totaly use this in a war as a side arm. p.s. wat camera r u using because it is amazingly clear!

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    what the hell's the primary weapon then?
    K'NEX RPG???

    something that is not a single shot, but has just as much power. Ever hear of a tr18, duh?

    yh ive heard of that, it's a Turret Rifle isn't it?
    i think ive seen it but it used too many pieces
    it looks pretty good and that would make a good primary (probably)
    pretty good (class?) combination
    i would probably recommend the I Am Canadian's AST pistol, and then the mod of it so it can shoot connectors
    that way you could have 3 powerful guns

    actually i would probab;y use this as a primaryB, and the newest version of the tr as primaryA, then it would be watever for my sidearms, is kinda wat i meant to say :P

    I'm using a flip mino HD.

    great! i have the flip ultra :P

    It looks nice. I like how the ammo is held all the way in the back of the gun, so it doesn't need as long of a barrel; like a bull pup slingshot. Very cleaver trigger idea, never seen anything like it.