video Dash [Knex Slingshot]
New gun I made recently.
shot! shot!shot!shot! shots! shots! yah! love that song, shots by the lonely island, that and i just had sex by LMFAO
And you child looks like?
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I would NOT shoot that thing at the window if I were you.
bhuty4 years ago
thats powerful, but is it technically a bullpup
check my gun out at
sweet good range! nice trigger mech but single shot......... NICE 5*
i suppose this gun would be great for sniping but war is not a great place for single shots. give it to a kid who can run like heck and heed do pretty good.
like the gun too, smart trigger design
Ukiarue4 years ago
very unique trigger, very clever... alot like a bull-pup rifle in the sense that you use the entire length of the rifle as a slingshot
instruct395 years ago
nice house, crystal clear camera, and most importantly sick gun! this is a great single shot and i would totaly use this in a war as a side arm. p.s. wat camera r u using because it is amazingly clear!
what the hell's the primary weapon then?
something that is not a single shot, but has just as much power. Ever hear of a tr18, duh?
yh ive heard of that, it's a Turret Rifle isn't it?
i think ive seen it but it used too many pieces
it looks pretty good and that would make a good primary (probably)
pretty good (class?) combination
i would probably recommend the I Am Canadian's AST pistol, and then the mod of it so it can shoot connectors
that way you could have 3 powerful guns
actually i would probab;y use this as a primaryB, and the newest version of the tr as primaryA, then it would be watever for my sidearms, is kinda wat i meant to say :P
jollex (author)  instruct395 years ago
I'm using a flip mino HD.
great! i have the flip ultra :P
stale565 years ago
It looks nice. I like how the ammo is held all the way in the back of the gun, so it doesn't need as long of a barrel; like a bull pup slingshot. Very cleaver trigger idea, never seen anything like it.
My RSS Feed v2 is a bullpup slingshot, and has been out much longer than this.
jollex (author)  Raikou-san5 years ago
Your point? Don't spam in my ible.
"Someone is wrong on the internet."
jollex (author)  Raikou-san5 years ago
How is he wrong?
Ill be honest, Raiku has read wrong. He said he'd never SEEN anything like it, not that there ISNT anything like it. Sorry Raiku.
You've never seen a sear trigger before? There has been tonnes of them, where have you been?
I've seen them, just never one that held the ammo by the hole of the red connector.
See some of Oblivitus' guns.
Yeah, my bulpup oodammo shotgun or Z35 for example.
Oodammo shotgun?
MegaMetal85 years ago
thats awesome 5*
TSC5 years ago
jollex (author) 5 years ago
Want to make your own? Here is the instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/Dash-Knex-Slingshot/
Storm9505 years ago
I like the trigger. How many bands can it take do you think?
jollex (author)  Storm9505 years ago
Quite a lot since it's a ratchet. However the oodammo doesn't stay on the trigger when you put too many bands on because the bands go between the ammo and the barrel so it pushes the ammo up off the sear. With canadammo I don't have that problem though.
Storm950 jollex5 years ago
Cool. Get some pictures up of it.
~Aeronous~5 years ago
Yeah, pretty damn good. Don't chew gun whem you make videos. Surely you could find a better type of trigger than a sear!?
jollex (author)  ~Aeronous~5 years ago
There's nothing wrong with a sear...
~KGB~5 years ago
epic gun!