Dash [Knex Slingshot]





Introduction: Dash [Knex Slingshot]

Here are the instructions for my singleshot slingshot.

Video: https://www.instructables.com/id/Dash-Knex-Slinghot/

Step 1: Layer 1

1: Make this.
2-3: Add grey/black and blue rods.

Step 2: Layer 2

Add the second layer. I recommend connecting all the connectors to the rods and then adding in the rods. It will make it much easier.

Step 3: Layer 3

Add all the parts to the third layer.

Step 4: Layer 4

Add the 4th Layer. Make sure you add the trigger guard and the green rods in the handle.

Step 5: Layer 5

Add the 5th layer.

Step 6: Trigger and Bands

1: Make this.
2: Attach it here.
3: Add this white rod here.
4: Make these.
5: Attach them to the other thing you made.
6: Make this.
7: Add it to the rest of the trigger
8: Make this.
9: Add it like in the picture.
10: Add a rubber band here.
11: Add a rubber band here.
12: Add this rubber band to the trigger part inside the gun (I used a toothpick and wrapped the rubber band around it to get it through the gun).

Step 7: Bow

1: Add 9 orange connectors to each side.
2: Add one blue spacer to each side of each grey/black rod.
3: Add your rubber bands. The bottom rubber bands are to make the bow bend less but they don't actually work so you can leave them off.
4: Add two more orange connectors to each side of the bow.



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    do you think that i could make it only 3 layers thick (i am short on knex due to 4 other guns i currently have created) and just deal with it being more flimsy?

    next to the srv-2 this is the best gun on the site

    this slingshot looks great but before i build i need to have a rough idea of how many white rods and how many white/yellow connectors there r. if its not to much of a bother please respond asap

    Seems like a very good quality build. The only thing that looks like it needs work is the bow.

    You might want to link this in the instructable.

    This is great. I'm just building the proper one again (not the short barreled version I made before) because it is to date the best slingshot/crossbow I have ever made, beats the spiriani V2 and V3. Fantastic job on the mechanics of it, how everything is crossed over one, I used a similar concept on my crossbow. Keep it up, and also make another step for people who have made it to post their pics and mods.

    nope, i havent got much time on my hands

    Low on pieces, made a shortbarreled version. Thank you for using orange connectors on the sear, or else it would have caused a lot of problems when shortening the trigger system.

    I made it, it's pretty epic! Keep up the good work!

    great gun. seams like u use alot of yellow cons though. 5*

    Awesome! I like it 5*s and favorite!!!

    good job , i like the trigger ! 5*