Dash the Australian Cattle Dog


Introduction: Dash the Australian Cattle Dog

I designed Dash to resemble a mischievous four month old Blue Heeler (a.k.a. Australian Cattle Dog) puppy. He is about 5 inches tall, and is stuffed with poly-fil, along with some plastic pellets in his tummy to give him some weight. He has the typical Blue Heeler markings, including a "Bentley mark"-the splash of white that Heelers bear on their foreheads. He is an original design, crocheted without the use of a pattern. The inspiration for Dash came from my own puppy, a blue heeler/Australian shepherd cross. I also looked at lots of pictures and videos of these lovable, intelligent dogs for reference. I hope you like him!



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    I love him very much! My family also owns a cattle dog and I would love to make him for my grandmother as a little gift - who also owns a cattle dog.

    If I do sign up will I be able to download pattern?

    Am I able to pay for the pattern without signing up for a year. Thanks

    Hi.. Is the pattern available. I have three Australian Cattle Dogs (and a Border Terrier) and would love to make a Dash to raise funds for Australian Cattle Dog Welfare UK.

    I am trying to download this and it wont let me :( Any help??? Thank you!

    You are talented! Is the pattern available?

    I really love Dash!! Do you have pattern? I would love to make one my own, he really looks like mij ACD Pepper!!


    Can you help me design one of these for my puppy? (Also a blue heeler/Aussie mix)

    I would love to have this pattern; he's so adorable; is there any way I could get it or purchase please :) thank you. Lori

    That's soooo cute! I'm looking for a good crochet dog pattern so that I can make a rottweiler, and I think I'll make my own pattern off of this little guy! When I'm finished, I'll see what I can do to show you pictures of it.
    Win Guy

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    Thanks! I have never seen a crocheted rottweiler...I would love to see pics of him when you're finished!

    Dash is sooo adorable! You can notice he's based on a real dog...

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    Your welcome.

    You should try doing a Siberian Husky, I'm sure it would look great :)

    I think a Siberian Husky is a great idea; I am definitely going to have to try making one!

    Cool, thanks, you'll have to let me know if you post pictures!!!!!!!