I came up with this years back when I found that I could cook my burrito in the hot-ass blazing sun. I love beef jerky, so I thought, "WHY NOT?!" Every morning I would set some meat out to dry, and by the end of work I would have half a pound of jerky waiting for me as a snack.


A large stainless steel bowl

Cooling racks from Dollar Tree

A knife capable of cutting fine cuts of meat



Garlic - mild flavoring

Salt - helps in preservation

Honey - flavor and as an anerobic preservative

A sealed car

Step 1: Step 1: Handling Your Meat.

After getting your supplies, take the water, garlic, salt, honey and mix them together in your bowl. After thoroughly mixing, dip your chosen meats into the brine and let set for one hour in the dash to let it soak in properly. Make sure that each piece gets a decent soaking or you'll get an uneven flavor between pieces.

You have me thinking now. I just lost all my electrical in my RV , thanks to a handyman not being very handy. No stove to cook with I '"" be trying this. With the addition of a picnick "fly" net.
doesn't ur car smell of meat?
<p>Only if I don't clean it out once in a while.</p>
<p>Its amusing how many people make solar ovens when so many of us already have them sitting around going to waste! This is a great idea.</p>
<p>There were dashboard cookies and now we have dashboard jerky! Love it!</p>

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