Picture of Data Logger Project
This is a data logger I made for my class. I couldn't find any instructions that I could use to make the Arduino record the light brightness and the temperature. Then display the temperature and the light value on the LCD then Save it to the SD card

Here are the requirements for the Datalogging shield project (project #1):
  • Collect data from at least 2 sensors
  • write the data at regular intervals to the SD card, collect it in a comma separated variable file (*.CSV) that can be imported into excel.
  • display the data to your LCD screen
  • have the background color of the screen change somehow. Either from the data being collected (green background for nominal values, red for warning), or through the use of a button.
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Step 1: Parts

Here are what I used for parts. From my experience if your trying to follow instructions while learning and are using different parts it is much harder.

If you don't want to buy the stackable header pins for the Datalogger shield you can use some way like how I modified the Datalogger shield in step 2 so that it could be placed in the bread board.

Datalogger shield
stackable header pins
LCD Display

Experimentation Kit for Arduino (Uno R3)
Arduino Uno
Photo cell
Analog Temperature sensor

Step 2: Modify the Data logger

Picture of modify the Data logger
If you have the stackable header pins on the data logger then skip this step. These are the pins that are needed for the SD card to work. you can solder wires to the board or follow my pictures.
3v, 5v, Gnd, A4, A5, 13, 12, 11, 10.
atlaslin8 months ago

Great job!

I also used Arduino to set up a weather data logger as you well, but I want to us laptop to read the data file from the SD card by bluetooth module. Do you know how to do it?